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Everything about the european rideshare project! rideshare blog starts now

Good day dear passengers!

Welcome to the official “carpool” blog in English. Many people use our free service to travel together. Ninety percent speak the German language, and visit us on the domains / .ch / .at -. Speak for those of you that do not German, we started the project We hope that you, the English-language menu will help to find a suitable carpool.

What are the advantages of traveling together?

Of course, a common drive e.g. with four people in the same car cheaper than traveling by rail or air traffic. My personal opinion is that the social fun factor is much more important. Are there still places in our world left besides churches, clubs and festivals where people simply come together to speak?

Together on the road! Carsharing - picture:

On a car trip, it happened almost forcibly that people communicate with each other and talk. I still remember my first trip from Vienna to Berlin. The distance was 740 miles and the route led through Prague. The topics of conversation ranged from everyday issues to nightclub recommendations for the genre techno and house music.

It also saves you a lot of money for petrol and diesel. The costs are shared fairly by all travelers and more money can be saved from the monthly net wage. A great invention this Carpool idea! For the next generation it will certainly be the best form of transportation and mobility!

If you have any questions regarding our service don´t hesitate to conact us (office [ättt]

Please notice, our service is free and we do not charge when signing up – you only have to pay the trip price to the driver :-)

Have a nice journey!

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